Upcoming conferences in autumn 2022

22. 8. 2022 | News

Upcoming conferences in autumn 2022While it’s still uncertain whether the coronavirus epidemic is over or not, international scientific conferences are slowly coming back. Last year most conferences were either cancelled entirely or did their virtual test run but it seems everything should be back to normal this autumn. Conferences are usually public and open to anyone who registers so don’t be afraid to attend!

Europe Tackles Information Chaos

The Faculty of Social Sciences invites you to the international conference called Europe Tackles Information Chaos. The event will take place in September 22-23 in Prague and is organised by the Central European Digital Media Observatory (CEDMO) which is an independent multidisciplinary hub researching causes of information disorders in Central Europe.

This year especially the conference intends to tackle disinformation. There will be talks between the EU representatives, public institutions, think tanks, academia and the private sector. The aim is to build a dialogue and think of ways in which democracy, information ecosystems and humans right can be protected. The event will also promote this year’s Czech presidency of the EU and its efforts to mitigate harmful disinformation.

You can look forward to lectures and debates on the Impact of Disinformation on Society, The Role of Fact-checking, Technology and AI, Chinese and Russian Propaganda and Disinformation in Europe, Disinformation, Media Freedom and Journalism, Ukraine and COVID-19—Challenges and Lessons Learned, Media and Information Literacy in the Age of Global Crisis and others.

Integrated engineering in the context of industrial companies

Czech Technical University in Prague invites you to participate in their conference which will take place on 5 October in Brno. This conference is intended for those interested in economy, banking, finance, management, marketing, industry and technologies and is part of the International Engineering Fair in the Brno Exhibition Centre.

It’s the most important industrial fair in Central Europe stretching over four days with most visitors being professionals in the field and the representation of all big industrial names. This year’s focus will be on the sustainability of modern production systems and while you need to register, attending the conference is free of charge.

Just as last year, this event is organised in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia which runs its international scientific student conference Industrial Engineering during the fair on 5-6 October. The aim of this conference is to present the results of scientific research and promote discussions between students, scholars and professionals.

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