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14. 11. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Update from CEVROCEVRO Institute is a private university based in Prague that offers study programmes mainly focusing on legal and social sciences such as law, political science, economics, sociology, security, public administration and modern management. Having only around 750 students, this school puts utmost emphasis on an individual approach with a motto: “quality, not quantity comes first.” What have they been up to lately?

Open day

If you’re seriously considering applying to a Czech university, make sure you check out CEVRO! Their Open Day is taking place on 1 December and you’ll have the chance not only to see the premises but also meet your future teachers and ask whatever interests you.

Come to CEVRO for Erasmus

If you’re tempted to experience Czechia but you don’t want to spend your whole studentship here (which is fair enough), you still have a chance to come and study for one semester. Thanks to Erasmus, you can apply to CEVRO Institute, too. How is it different from Erasmus at big conventional universities?

CEVRO takes pride in their small classes with a direct interactive approach. You’ll be able to learn from real professionals such as former ambassadors, government ministers and prominent authors who really know what they’re talking about so knowledge you’ll gain won’t be only theoretical.

The deadline for the spring term 2022 is December 1 so there’s still some time to apply. All courses are taught in English, of course, and are designed for students who have completed at least one year of their undergraduate studies. This is no gap year as you’re expected to pass the courses with regular grading system, engage in discussions, make presentations and write essays. Don’t worry about being isolated as you’ll be attending courses together with fulltime CEVRO students and you can even share accommodation with Czech students to fully experience our culture.

Participate in an upcoming conference

Prague Centre for Middle East Relations that belongs to CEVRO Institute invites students and scholars to the conference called Iraq after Elections: Between Resilient Status Quo and Drivers of Change. You’ll have a rare opportunity to meet Hiwa Osman, a renowned Iraqi Kurdish journalist who served as a media advisor to President Jalal Talabani between 2005-2008.

The conference takes place on 18 November at 17:00 at the atrium of CEVRO and you can participate even if you study at different school. You have to sign up until November 17, though, so don’t forget.

Published by CEVRO

The Prague Centre for Transatlantic Relations belonging to the CEVRO Institute published a bilingual book that might interest you. The title is Czech–American relations: A roadmap for the future and it evaluates Czech-US relations from the security, trade, cultural and geopolitical perspective over the last 25 years. The authors are both Czech and foreign experts and good news is that you can read this book for free on their webpage.




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