“UV fingerprint” Research at Mendel University brings unexpected possibilities

9. 8. 2021 | News

UV fingerprint  research at MENDELUThe principle used behind this experiment is called Spectral characteristics of the sample. They illuminate the sample with UV radiation, and this starts with some fascinating photochemical reactions, which are specific to the given sample. After a few minutes using the spectral characteristics, it is possible to tell what the sample originated from. Any liquid sample can be illuminated. “Scientists from the department can recognize the samples of food or drugs according to the fluorescence record” , says the Head of the Laboratory of Bioanalysis and imaging Lukáš Nejdl.

Nejdl’s team has been testing the most on wines, specifically analyzing the varieties of white wine. Mojmír Baron, the head of the Viticulture Department, Faculty of horticulture Mendelu says that the new method can significantly help in the field of wine authentication, identification, and fingerprinting. This method is a cheap and easy way to determine whether it is declared wine or not.

There is cooperation starting with the Police Presidium as well, whose new department is trying to find the new analytical procedure in the work of forensics scientists which could be used for daily practice. This device can be used at clubs and festivals to check for illegal and banned substances. According to Radim Pernicky from the Department for Science, Research and Innovation of the Prague Police Presidium this method is has a very bright future in forensic practice groups of drugs directly in the field.

In the beginning, the original idea was a coincidence. But eventually, scientists realized that this could be used to uncover differences amongst identical substances.

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