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Medical care in the Czech Republic

The standard of medical care in the Czech Republic is generally high. In fact, the country’s healthcare scheme has been considered one of the best in the EU. Health care in the Czech Republic is provided by state-run and private medical facilities all over the country, including emergency departments in hospitals which are open 24/7. …

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7 Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

1. Location The Czech Republic is situated in the heart of Europe which gives its residents a perfect chance to easily explore the rest of the continent. Besides the neighboring countries – Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland – once you study in the Czech Republic, you are only a few hours away from Hungary, Switzerland, …

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Entering the Czech Republic

If you are planning to study in the Czech Republic, you should check all necessary documents required for you to enter the country beforehand. Here is a basic guide of all you need to know before you depart to the country located in the heart of Europe. The Czech Republic is a member of the …

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