12 universities and faculties

Prague City University

  • BA (Hons) International Management
  • Foundation Diploma in Business
  • MSc International Management
  • MSc Leadership and Strategic Management
4 programmes

Anglo-American University

  • Business Administration: Management
  • Business Administration: Marketing and Communications
  • Business Administration: People Management and Leadership

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes

University of New York in Prague

  • Business Administration - Concentration in Marketing
  • Communication & Media
  • Digital Media Arts

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes

Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

  • Agricultural Sciences and Farming Systems in the Tropics and Subtropics - double degree
  • Wildlife and Livestock Production, Management and Conservation
2 programmes

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Faculty of International Relations

  • International Business - Central European Business Realities
1 programme

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Management and Managerial Economics
  • Master in Management
2 programmes

Prague School of Creative Communication

  • Creative marketing
  • Digital marketing and communication
  • Management in creative industry
3 programmes


  • Marketing and Trade of Artworks
1 programme

Where to go to university?

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School of Business

  • Economics and Management
  • Preparatory Program
  • Sectoral Management - Major: Innovation Project Management
3 programmes

Ambis University

  • Business Economics and Management - Marketing and Brand Management
  • Business Economics and Management - Start-up and Entrepreneurship
2 programmes