Natural Sciences

13 universities and faculties

Faculty of Science

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Animal Physiology
  • Anthropology and Human Genetics

and next 48 programmes

51 programmes

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Migration Studies and New Societies (MSNS)
1 programme

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • Regional and Social Development
  • Sector Economic and Economics of Enterprise
  • System Engineering and Informatics
3 programmes

Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

  • Agri-food Systems and Rural Development
  • Agricultural Sciences and Farming Systems in the Tropics and Subtropics - double degree
  • Agriculture in Tropics and Subtropics

and next 10 programmes

13 programmes

Faculty of Humanities

  • General Antropology
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
2 programmes

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Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

  • Economentrics and Operations Research
  • Economic Data Analysis
  • Statistics
3 programmes

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

  • Algebra, number theory, and mathematical logic
  • Atmospheric physics, meteorology and climatology
  • Biophysics, chemical and macromolecular physics

and next 36 programmes

39 programmes

Faculty of Chemical Technology

  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Engineering
  • Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemistry, Technology and Materials
4 programmes

Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology

  • Biotechnology and Food Science
  • Chemistry and Technology
2 programmes

Faculty of Environmental Technology

  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Sustainability and Environmental Engineering
2 programmes

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Faculty of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering (Master Double Degree)
  • Chemistry and Technology
3 programmes

School of Business

  • Sectoral Management - Major: Chemical Industry
1 programme

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

  • Forest Science In Global Change
  • Forestry, specialization Forest Ecosystems Protection and Silviculture
  • Forestry, Water and Landscape management
  • Global Change Forestry
4 programmes