We have found 47 universities

Faculty of Humanities

  • Longevity Studies
  • Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication
  • Deutsche und französische Philosophie

and next 9 programmes

12 programmes


  • Graphic design
  • Space/interior design
  • Painting

and next 3 programmes

6 programmes

Faculty of Economics

  • Economics and Management
  • Regional and European Project Management
2 programmes

Unicorn University

  • Business Management (double degree)
  • Business Management (EN)
  • Software Development (EN)
3 programmes

Metropolitan University Prague

  • International Relations - European Studies
  • Regional Studies and International Business
  • Anglophone Studies

and next 4 programmes

7 programmes

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Faculty of International Relations

  • International and Diplomatic Studies
  • International Business - Central European Business Realities
  • Bachelor of International Business

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

  • Accounting and Corporate Financial Management
  • Master in Finance and Accounting
  • Finance
3 programmes

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

  • Economic Data Science
  • Information Systems Management
  • Economentrics and Operations Research

and next 3 programmes

6 programmes

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Master in International Management (CEMS)
  • Master in Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Executive MBA
4 programmes

Faculty of Economics

  • Economics and Public Policy
  • Bachelor of Economics
2 programmes

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Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters

  • Fishery
  • Fishery and protection of waters
  • Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems
3 programmes

Faculty of Theology

  • Spirituality and Ethics in Social Work
  • Philosophy
  • Theology
3 programmes

University of New York in Prague

  • Psychology
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MSc. Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics

and next 23 programmes

26 programmes

University of Finance and Administration

  • Economics and Management
  • New Media and Marketing Communication
  • Global Program B

and next 3 programmes

6 programmes

Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice

  • Master of Business Admininstration
  • Business Administration
  • Logistics
3 programmes

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Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

  • Forestry, specialization Forest Ecosystems Protection and Silviculture
  • Forest Science In Global Change
  • Forestry, Water and Landscape management
  • Global Change Forestry
4 programmes

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical Technology
  • Biomedical and Clinical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Systematic Integration of Processes in Healthcare
4 programmes

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Economics and Management
  • Open Informatics
  • Applied Statistics and Operations Research
  • Finance
4 programmes

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Master in Economics and Finance (MEF)
  • Economics and Econometrics
  • International Relations

and next 28 programmes

31 programmes

Prague City University

  • Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice
  • MA Future Design
  • BA (Hons) International Management

and next 10 programmes

13 programmes

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Theory and Construction of Machines
  • Manufacturing and Materials
3 programmes